I have the luck to have a relatively isolated garden in good weather and I love being around him to go to bed naked. It is completely isolated by the house in the rear where there is a roof hatch and a section near the fence, where I see a little used public roads. I talked with the owner of the house, and he had previously told me he rarely used the attic, and used primarily for storage. Although the garden is quiet, sometimes I like to play a risky game and enter the parts of the garden, where I bulktube do not know if I've ever been, but I get a thrill from thinking about the possibility . One summer I had spent so much time naked in the garden enjoying the sun on my body and peace and quiet. Sometimes the sun and my nakedness would be very good and I get a hard on for hours, before masturbating me out. One day I will sit on the couch with my tail was upright whenI thought I saw some movement in the window of the neighbor's roof. My penis fell rapidly and covered when I saw the window of any other movement, but there was none, and I wondered if I was seeing things. I was covered for a while, if I had stayed with the towel over me for events covered. The next day was back in the garden, lying on the couch and I saw some movement in bulktube the roof window. I covered, and only the window watching the movement. This bulktube time I saw my neighbor in the window, and stood for a minute or so before leaving. I must say that I was thinking a little, now was to be in your attic again, and you would pay to put my bare feeding times. I went in and I decided to go for the day, such was my mood disappoinment. Thinking about it, I began to make a decision that should bulktube not stop this situation, to have fun, how many times he could be naked, if my neighbor was telling me he was offended, or at least make cOuld have a discussion about it and he knew I did not want to offend. The next morning I left early, had a good walk in the garden in the total and then went to get me a cup of coffee and again to enjoy the sun. He was still conscious of the way, my neighbor is in his garret, and I kept a watchful eye. I had decided that the wave would be if I had seen. Around noon, there was no sign that I began to relax a bit more and should have slept only aroused aa low-flying helicopters. For a while I was half asleep when you understand that my neighbor was standing at the window of his attic start, I have focused my eyes and waved. He waved back, smiled and left. This was apparently a response friendly and I feel better, relaxed about the whole thing. I wondered if we ever get to talk about it - do not push it though. all this week was wonderful, and I spent 24 / 7 naked in the garden and the house - which was wonwonderful. I had not seen my bulktube neighbors for several days because he waved. It was Saturday before I saw it again this time very different. was lying on the couch, my cock a little nervous, and looked up and saw my neighbor at his window. This is a time window, and he was standing there, completely starkers. I could not believe my eyes. This time I waved, I waved back. and stayed there for about 5 minutes, just watch and then moved again before disappearing. I did not know quite what to do with it, but he was apparently dealing with a message of some sort n The next day he appeared again, completely naked, but this was clearly Tim sporting an impressive building, stood up and pressed against the window before the start of the roll. My cock rose to attention in sight, and began to masturbate mirror movements. I shot my load very quickly and, judging from his movements, he did, and again left. The weather was not bright after several daysAla but a week later was again provided outside in the sun and nature, and it was not long before he reappeared at the window, naked and bare. This time beckoned him to come to me, but I do not think he understood how he stood at the window in front of him with his tail. After about ten minutes, disappeared and the next thing I heard the side door opened and he was impressed of course. Stripped and went in and bulktube asked me if I leave the straw and suck in the garden, he said he would, provided I like to do the same to him. We went outside and grabbed my cock and started shining before slowly roll the foreskin back and forth. I reached out and grabbed his hard cock thicker than estimated, and a seven-inch model. He was wet with pre-cum and wanted to try. I knelt down and put it in my mouth, salty taste was delicious. A then asked if we could go to thethe garden, where we see the excitement a little more could be added to this process. We went to our game again and thay area, this time we were in the grass, and he took me into his mouth and took it inside me. I knew it would not be long before even though they tried to prolong the pleasure of wine. I pulled out of the bulktube mouth and asked him to touch me, so I bulktube abstain for a while longer. I concentrated on his cock thick vein and then I seemed to hear the laughter, I asked if he had heard, and said he had not. I took the game with his tail and then the laughing stopped again, this time I heard. I got up and looked through the hedge, but had gone there, but not before yelling "pervert " to more laughter. I was a little scared bulktube at first, but soon my bulktube cock when it starts up bulktube again the hand of my neighbor, he was masturbating. The panic was replaced by a higher voltage, and soon I was fucking my mouth neighnourto the point of no return and I shot my sperm directly into the throat and all the time that he was masturbating. I wanted his cum in my throat, but like I went to meet him, gave him abundant load all over her face, hot streams of cum running down my face and hanging from the chin. I loved it. now meet regularly and in good weather, going naked in the garden and usually end with a reciprocal gesture and hit and finish with a civilized cup of tea !
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